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Daylight Solutions

A core part of the CA Refurbishment Projects' offer is the implementation of planned maintenance regimes. This can include the maintenance, repair and replacement of rooflights, an important element of the efficient and cost effective running of any industrial or commercial building.

Ageing and weathered rooflights no longer provide the amount of daylight required in modern buildings, and the associated insulation values are reduced. Damaged rooflights can allow water ingress, resulting in internal damage to the building and contents.

Regular maintenance, cleaning and repair of existing rooflights, with the replacement of those beyond repair, can improve the general appearance and running costs of any building. CA Refurbishment Projects can help manage this issue on a regular basis with scheduled maintenance solutions.  

Replacement rooflights can be installed from suppliers such as:

  • Brett Martin
  • Hambleside Danelaw
  • Rodeca

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