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Built-Up Roofing & Cladding Systems

Removal and replacement of the complete existing cladding envelope is one of the busiest areas of work for CA Refurbishment Projects. Replacing existing cladding materials which may be no longer fit for purpose in terms of weather-tightness or building regulations is our stock trade. Stripping and replacing the old with the most up-to-date new built-up roofing and cladding systems is an ideal way of extending the life of your building.

Built-up roofing and cladding systems now offer the building owner a wide range of benefits including; increased U-values and thermal performance improvements, improved building aesthetics and corporate image, full compliance with building regulations for fire and, with improved insulation, a reduction in building running costs.

CA Refurbishment Projects division specialises in the smooth running of this type of project ensuring minimal disruption to the normal running of the building during works by thorough planning and scheduling.

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