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Daylight Solutions

Well designed and installed daylighting systems are important in all building for the wellbeing of employees to the therml performance of the building. Well placed rooflights contribute to internal light levels which reduces the use of electric lighting and ultimately reduces the running costs of the building.

Specialist Cladding Systems are well versed in best practice for planning and installing daylighting into designs. They can install a range of products including; polycarbonate, GRP or glazed roof light units. Polycarbonate and GRP rooflights / wall cladding systems offer a cost effective way to clad large areas with a daylight product and can offer an economical solution should glazing be uneconomical. These types of products lend themselves ideally to stadia, industrial facilities and where an architect would like to make a statement.

Some of the systems SCS install include product from the following suppliers:

  • Brett Martin
  • Hambleside Danelaw
  • Rodeca

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