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Twin-Therm® FireWall Built Up Cladding System

 Twin-Therm® FireWall Built Up Cladding System incorporates the patented MatriX Spacer System to offer a dedicated non-combustible cladding solution.


Both Twin-Therm® FireWall systems provide 240 minutes of structural integrity with the FW15 version providing 15 minutes insulation integrity (LPCB EXT-A15) and FW120 providing 120 minutes of insulation integrity (LPCB EXT-A120).

Twin-Therm® FW15 is insulated with Therma-quilt, glass fibre and Twin-Therm® FW120 is constructed using Therma-rock, rock fibre. Both mineral wools are Euroclass 'A1' (non-combustible) in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

Twin-Therm® FW15 and FW120 are certifed by BRE LPCB to LPS1181-1 and achieve 'EXT-A15' and 'EXT-A120' respectively. Twin-Therm® FW120 is also certified by BRE LPCB to LPS1208 achieving Grade 'FR120'.

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