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Twin-Therm® Built Up Wall Cladding System

 Twiin-Therm® Wall Cladding System provides a consistently reliable building envelope system with guarantees up to 40 years. Assembled on site the system is light-weight with a range of profiles to give a wide choice of design features.


Twin-Therm® has been tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS1181. The Therm-quilt insulation has been tested to BS 476 in its own right and is classified as non-combustable and will not contribute to any fire load. A standard Twin-Therm® Wall provides 60 minutes of structural integrity achieving LPS1181 EXT-B and has been independently tested by Exova Warringtonfire.

Trapezoidal, shadowline, arc and sinusoidal wall profiles are available in a full range of pre-finished steel products including Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® from Tata Steel.

Sheets are packed sequentially which saves the cladding contractor time on site and reduces risk of damage. The building can be lined out with the light-weight liner panels quickly allowing the main contractor to begin internal works, such as laying floor slab. Individual components are not heavy reducing risks of manual handling and eliminating the need for cranes.

Heat loss contributes towards increased building running costs and also higher CO2 emissions. The flexibility of the Twin-Therm® Wall cladding system accommodates variations in steelwork tolerances helping to achieve good levels of air tightness. Reducing air permeability is a major factor in compliance with Part L Building Regulations.

Soft insulation such as the Therma-quilt material used in Twin-Therm® Wall systems acts to dampen airbourne vibration as it has no gaps for sound to be transmitted.

The liner panel acts as a very efficient air barrier, reducing the transfer of heat from inside to outside. Therma-quilt insulation also has all fibres coated with silicone to ensure any moisture in the cavity is not absorbed but is shed to the liner and dissipated or fed out to the gutter.

Guarantees from CA Building Products cover the manufacture and design of the whole system including all components supplied such as, screws, sealants, insulation, spacers, etc. for up to 25 years. Tata Steel Confidex® Guarantees are also available for up to 40 years when the system is specified using Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma®.

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