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SolarWall® Transpired Solar Collector (TSC)

 The SolarWall® Transpired Solar Collector (TSC) is a solar air heating system that utilises solar radiation to deliver naturally warmed fresh air into buildings.


The SolarWall® system is installed as an additional skin to a building’s southerly elevation, SolarWall® consists of a pre-coated, profiled steel sheet with thousands of tiny perforations uniformly spaced across the full face of the collector. As solar radiation strikes the surface of the SolarWall® panel and is absorbed, solar heat conducts to the thermal boundary layer of air which lines the outer surface of the panel. This heated layer of air is then drawn through the perforations into an air cavity which is created between the SolarWall® panel and the original elevation behind. From the air cavity, the fresh, solar heated air can then be introduced directly into the building as ventilation air (industrial applications), or ducted into a HVAC unit (commercial & residential applications), where it can be used as a pre-heater for the building’s main heating system.

With no moving parts, low energy running costs and minimal CO2 emissions, the SolarWall® technology provides a renewable heat energy source with payback periods as low as three years for new build and seven years for refurbishment projects.

The SolarWall® TSC has been independently tested, monitored, recorded and proven by BSRIA to produce heating cost savings of up to 50%. Furthermore, an independently thermally modelled report by Battle McCarthy proved SolarWall® TSC can provide up to 20% of a building’s total energy requirements. SolarWall® is recognised globally as a renewable energy form in its own right. As part of the ongoing development and accreditation of the SolarWall® system as a renewable technology it has been endorsed by five of the UK’s leading independent authorities; Oxford Brookes University, Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff University, BRE, BSRIA.

SolarDuct® is a modular rooftop solar air heating system based on the SolarWall® Transpired Solar Collector. Developed for rooftop applications, where it may not be feasible to utilise the wall mounted system. The SolarDuct® system harnesses the sun's energy to heat the ventilation air supply before it enters the main air handling plant. Manufactured in a standard module size, the number and length of SolarDuct® units required for each application is calculated based on the quantity of fresh air that is required and the energy and temperature demands of the building. Depending upon available roof space, the SolarDuct® units can be specifically orientated for maximum system performance; they are not limited to the fixed orientation of the building.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can see a drop in efficiency when the operating temperature of the PV cell increases. Standard Test Conditions (STC), rate the performance of PV modules at a cell temperature of 25°C. However, most crystalline modules are subject to a 0.5% reduction in power output for each 1°C of temperature rise above this value. SolarDuct® technology can help to improve efficiencies by providing a combined PV/Thermal cogeneration system, where the SolarDuct® modules double up as the PV racking system. PV modules are mounted directly onto the front face of the SolarDuct® units, allowing the excess heat generated by the PV‘s to be effectively captured by the SolarDuct® collector. This excess heat is then ducted into the nearest rooftop air-handling unit where it is used to help offset the building’s heating load. Controlled airflow ensures uniform cooling over the entire surface of the panel and improvements of as much as 10% in PV power output, per annum have been recorded and independently verified. Also, with both electrical and thermal energy produced from the same roof space, it solves the problem of which solar technology to use, while at the same time maximising potential income from the roof area.

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