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Twin-Therm® Chronus

 'Chill Stores' are a common use for steel framed buildings. A typical internal temperature of a 'Chill Store' starts at 0-2°C up to 5-8°C. To achieve these figures air tightness of the strucutre is vital. The Twin-Therm® Chronus specification is an enhanced version of the market leading Twin-Therm® Roof & Wall Cladding system. Twin-Therm®Chronus is specially designed to meet 'Chill Store' requirements.


The flexibility of the systems liner panel assembly helps achieve air permeability figures as low as 0.52m³/hr/m² at 50Pa with average readings between 1.00-2.00m³/hr/m² at 50Pa. The Twin-Therm® Chronus system improves on these figures to achieve 'Chill Store' requirements.

Twin-Therm® Chronus specification is achieved with additional sealants and fillers to the first fix liner and the addition of unventilated fillers to the external skin. This seals the building inside to outside and creates a fully sealed cavity.

Twin-Therm® Quantum and Twin-Therm® Griffon curved roof specifications can reduce the internal dead space above haunch by 50% therefore reducing the internal volume. This allows the chiller unit to be reduced in size or used less.

'Cold Stores' require temperatures consistently running below 0°C. Twin-Therm® Chronus cannot meet these requirements. For 'Cold Store' specifications please contact a specialist in this area.

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