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Prime SFX Rainscreen System

 Prime SFX Rainscreen is our secret fix panel system which interlocks the panels at the uppermost edge then fixes them into the Prime Rainscreen Support Frame. The interlocked panels are robust and all fixings are hidden from view.


Prime SFX Rainscreen panels are interlocked at the uppermost edge and then fixed into the Prime SF Support Frame giving a robust structure and hidden fixings.

Choices of panel size, materials, textures and colours.

The increased spanning capacity of Prime SFX allows the designer to create more unconventional designs.

Concealed fixings provide smooth and sleek design options while the Prime SF Support Frame provides a strong interface between the substructure and panel system.

Prime SFX is suitable for use with steel, concrete, brick, block or timber substructures.

The system is available in aluminium, steel and stainless steel in a wide range of standard and special colour options.

Prime SFX has been independently tested to CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology) standard for systemised building envelopes.

Integration of Prime SFX with Twin-ThermĀ® Wall Cladding System and Twin-ThermĀ® Firewall gives a single source guarantee covering all components within the system.

Prime SFX was formerly known as Prime V.

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