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Prime HPX Rainscreen System

 Prime HPX Rainscreen is a high performance panel with a hook and pin fixing system. The solution provides a completely concealed method of fixing, which is easily engineered to make individual panels demountable.


The system includes a Prime Rainscreen Support Frame which uses brackets to fix the vertical mullion hook carriage to the frame.

For optimum system performance the hook centres and support pins can be calculated on a bespoke basis using design and wind performance requirements.

Change of panel direction can be quickly and effectively incorporated into the design with soffits and copings integrated simply into the facade. The system is suitable for flat planel and large modular format.

An in-plane tolerance adjustment of +/- 7mm can be accommodated as standard with greater tolerances achieved when adopting the Prime Rainscreen Support Frame.

Prime HPX Rainscreen is suitable for use with steel, concrete, brick, block or timber substructures.

Prime HPX panels can be manufactured from either Aluminium or A2 or FR rated ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) in a range of standard and bespoke colours.

Prime HPX has been independently tested to CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology) standard for systemised building envelopes.

Integration of Prime SFX with Twin-ThermĀ® Wall Cladding System and Twin-ThermĀ® Firewall gives a single source guarantee covering all components within the system.

Prime HPX was fomerly known as Prime VII.

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