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The controlled addition of natural light, either direct or diffuse, into a building will reduce the use of electric lighting and ultimately reduce the buildings running costs.

The inclusion of natural daylighting also plays a significant role in compliance with Building Regulations ADL2. However, in terms of meeting compliance it is not just the thermal performance of the rooflights that must be considered, further information in regards to rooflight area, light transmission and solar gain is required in the calculations to ensure that the inclusion of natural daylighting does not have a negative effect in terms of overheating.

With U-values of 1.30W/m²K available as standard and the ability to offer alternatives down to 0.90W/m²K the Therma-light system from CA Building Products can be easily integrated into any of its built-up roof cladding systems.

When specifying rooflights it is important to ensure that the entire roof covering still retains its performance criteria, especially in relation to Non-Fragility, system life and required guarantee periods. All CA roof cladding systems are designed for the inclusion of the Therma-light GRP rooflight system.

The complete system assembly has been extensively tested for Non-Fragility in accordance with ACR[M]001:2011 ‘Test for Non-Fragility of Profiled Sheeted and Large Element Roofing Assemblies (Fourth Edition)’ achieving a Class B certification – download the relevant Technical Information Paper from the download section of the website.

Unlike products such as Polycarbonate*, GRP has a similar expansion rate to that of the adjacent steel profiles. This removes the need for oversized holes which, if required, would increase the risk of leaks occurring. In addition, it does not require barrier tapes to protect the material against the plasticisers which are found in the coating of most steel roof sheets used in the UK.

For further information please see the following Technical Information Papers (TIPs)

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