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The summary of routine maintenance advice, within the inspection and maintenance requirements for all systems, makes no recommendations in respect of site safety requirements to access and traverse the roof safely during maintenance inspections and working procedures.

Proper and adequate risk assessments and method statements should be prepared for each maintenance inspection and working procedure by the responsible competent persons/bodies.

We recommend all inspections and any work undertaken on buildings are only carried out by competent persons trained for such purpose and that adequate and appropriate safe access is provided at all times. Safety precautions must be taken for the whole duration of inspections and works. HSG 33 ‘Health & Safety in Roofwork’, available from the HSE, provides detailed advice in this subject.

CA Building Products recommend that gutter inspection and maintenance is carried out on a regular basis to ensure you do not encounter problems, such as blockages, which impact on the drainage of the roof, leading to water entering the building.

Gutters should be inspected more frequently than the roof and wall cladding systems and as a minimum we recommend 12 month intervals between inspections.

When the gutters are connected to a gravity drainage system, ensure all pipework is inspected in accordance with BS EN 12056- 3:2000.  Section NE.5.1 states; “Gutters, rainwater pipes, outlets and gratings should be inspected and thoroughly cleaned once a year, or more often if the building is in or near to an industrial area or is near trees or may be subjected to extremes of temperature.”

When the gutters are connected to a siphonic drainage system, ensure the system (outlets, tailpipes, horizontal carrier pipes, etc) is inspected in accordance with BS 8490:2007.  Section 12.1 states; “During the first year of operation, it is recommended that inspection, etc. should be carried out four times a year in order to establish an appropriate maintenance regime. The regime should take account of autumn leaf fall and the fact that intense rainfall tends to occur during summer storms.”

For further help and advice please see the following Technical Information Paper (TIP)

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