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Health and Safety

Manual handling is a risk associated with many construction products. CA Building Products' roof and wall cladding systems are simple to install, with no heavy individual components, reducing risks of manual handling, both on the ground and at height.

Another issue associated with roof works is falls through roofs. In 1990 the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) produced a test standard to enable it to be proven that the roof assembly would arrest and retain a load falling through it. All of our roof system assemblies have been tested for Non-Fragility in accordance with ACR[M]001:2011 ‘Test for Non-Fragility of Profiled Sheeted and Large Element Roofing Assemblies (Fourth Edition)’ achieving Class B certification. 

CA Building Products have worked closely with a select few Horizontal Life Line (HLL) manufacturers to ensure that their safety systems are satisfactorily designed to complement our systems, in terms of 25 year guarantees.  To request a list of current recommended HLL systems click here.

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