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Celebrating 20 years of Twin-Therm®


We have today announced the the 20th anniversary of the introduction of Twin-Therm®, the company’s market leading roof and wall system.

Throughout the past 20 years, the system has been at the forefront of innovation, evolving and adapting to embrace the latest technological developments and changing the face of modern warehouse design.

Twin-Therm® was developed in a bid to guarantee the safety of those working at height, while ensuring increasingly stringent building regulations were met. Its introduction heralded the start of a new, more dedicated focus from the construction industry on health and safety.

Neville Colegrove, founder and trustee member, explained: “Since its introduction in 1997, the Twin-Therm® system has continued to evolve as a solution to some of the most common frustrations caused by the use of profiled sheets.

“Innovations have included sustainable measures to maximise airtightness, the introduction of  natural lighting and the elimination of leaks, as well as improved acoustics, U values and fire protection.”

A range of curved roofing solutions further expanded the company offering, delivering multiple end user benefits including maximising the available space within the warehouse. 

Non-fragility has always been a key focus of the system and increasingly, in order to guarantee the system as a whole, CA Group has bought the manufacturing of many of the component parts in house. This fact, coupled with extensive testing as part of the assembled system, has enabled the company to develop its meaningful, non-fragility guarantee of up to 40 years.

Colegrove continued: “Twin-Therm® has always adapted to meet the needs of the industry and will continue to do so, staying one step ahead of the curve. We have built a successful business based on the collective expertise of people passionate about every element of roofing, from the smallest screw to the metal work required for enormous warehouses, as big as 15 football pitches. Reaching this milestone is testament to the success of a system which puts safety at the heart of every development.”

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