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River-ThermĀ® Roof

With Technical Access these drawings are available in PDF, CAD and REVIT file formats for you to download. 
For further information please contact our Technical Team.

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R-DD-RTR-01 - Ridge Options

R-DD-RTR-02 - Top of Slope Options

R-DD-RTR-03 - Internal Gutter Options

R-DD-RTR-04 - External Gutter Options

R-DD-RTR-05 - Verge Options

R-DD-RTR-06 - Expansion Joint & Penetration Options

R-DD-RTR-07 - Soaker Options (1 of 2)

R-DD-RTR-08 - Soaker Options (2 of 2)

R-DD-RTR-09 - Penetration Detail with Triflex Seal

R-DD-RTR-10 - Mounting of Proprietary Systems